High speed case erector GPK-40H30

GPK-40H30 is a horizontal type carton forming and bottom sealing machine. cam gear driving. PLC control. The carton erecting speed can be adjusted on the touch screen. Easy carton storage system, no need to stop the machine while adding the carton

  1. Case erector Adopt Taiwan Technology manufacturing, Imported parts, electrical and pneumatic components.
  2. Adopt the CAM mechanical driving system. The machine runs accurately, stably, and durable.
  3. The speed can be adjusted anytime, for the carton forming and sealing adopts the non-step speed changing controller which can save time.
  4. The machine is easy to operate and adjust, no worry about the damage of the cartons while erecting.
  5. The cartons are stored as horizontal type in the carton storage, which is no need to stop the machine while adding more cartons.
  6. When it is lack of cartons in the storage, the alarm reminds you to add more automatically.
  7. The machine can be combined with the automatic packing line or runs in a separate job.
Model GPK-40H30
Production speed 30ctns/min
Carton size(mm) L280-500xW200-400xH90-400
Power Supply 380W, 3∮, 800W
Air compressing 6kg/cm³
Air comsumption 450NL/MIN
Machine dimension L2780xW1250xH1840mm
Machine weight 1000KG
Adhesive tape width 48/60/75MM


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